About Us


The inspiration to love life has always had many ways, and to put it simply is that life is meant to be enjoyed.
Our La Luz passion has not been of defining the art of life but unpack a world of fashion with endless possibilities, allowing our clients to own their fashion happiness in unique style.
Our approach to clothing and textile technologies has been a long and cultured tradition of creative innovation to perfect the art of dress through timeless made to measure designs, with outfits that are a cut above world class standards, for women, men and kids.


La Luz creativeness is the embodiment of a fine blend of classic modern and traditional touch, opening up opportunities for you to choose or create your own style. Our creative intelligence allows us to go beyond the existing to create novel and interesting ideas on fashion.


A scientific process is the final phase of owning your style, with best method studies, work studies and time study processes only being applied for a full control of and efficiency of delivery of your style, with great attention to quality and shortest possible turnaround time to final delivery.